Ctra Camprodon s/n Finca “La Riba”
Vall de Bianya (Girona) 17813
Contract Manager: 
Dr. Alicia Urniza
Elisenda Viaplana – Research Director
Mercedes Mouriño – Research Scientist
Berta Alberca – Research Scientist
Margarita Tarrats – Lab Technician
Joan Plana Masllopart – Animal Caretaker

Zoetis formerly a business unit of Pfizer, is a global animal health company dedicated to supporting customers and their businesses in ever better ways. It is located in Vall de Bianya (Girona, Spain) is a laboratory specialised in the development and production of immunological and pharmaceutical products for animal health. The company is pioneer in the fields of manufacturing and research and development of novel immunoprophylactic products. Zoetis produces a wide range of drug products for veterinary use for national and international markets.

Zoetis counts with the resources (above 200 employees), capacity and facilities to produce pharmacological (sterile products – aseptically prepared, terminally sterilized and freeze dried; non sterile products – orals, topics and gels) and biological products (live and inactivated vaccines) and to perform the EU Release of Pharma and Bio products. The Production Plant is Food and Drug Administration approved (US FDA Certification) and complies with Good Manufacturing Practice standards (GMP Certificate).

The R&D Department is composed of a 27-member team of Scientists, Technicians and other specialised workers, under the supervision of Alicia Urniza.The R&D Department has vast experience in participating in research projects funded by the EU Framework Programs (IV, V, VI and VII editions). The R&D Department of the Zoetis has also the facilities to conduct the required research studies: laboratories (BSL-2 and BSL-3) and animal facilities (three biocontainment facilities and three experimental farms). All R&D facilities are fitted with the adequate measures to guarantee the biosafety conditions (control of vectors, easy cleaning and desinfection, absolute in/out air filters, depression, restricted access of personnel, chemical and inactivation waste treatment, etc.) and have the correspondant accreditations for the manipulation of viruses, for the housing of animals and for the testing of vaccines to animals.

All animal experimentation procedures carried out by Zoetis are in compliance with European ethical regulations with the aim to guarantee the animal health and welfare standards. The safety laboratory tests are done in compliance with the OECD principles of Good Laboratory Practice. Following the Spanish regulations, Zoetis constituted its Ethical Comitee on Animal Research with the main function to supervise the experimentation on animals carried out in the institution, perform the critical review of experimental plan, and certify the compliance to national and European regulation.