Bulevard Pencho Slaveikov 15 A
Sofia 1606

Contract Manager: 
Dr Tsviatko Alexandrov


Pencho Kamenov – Lead Scientist
Petya Petkova – Research Scientist
Teodora Petkova – BFSA Project coordinator
Mina Barova – BFSA Project technical adviser
Kiril Yanev – BFSA Project Financial adviser

According to Art. 2 and Art.4 from BULGARIAN FOOD SAFETY AGENCY ACT In force from 25/01/2011, the Bulgarian food safety agency (BFSA) is the competent public authority with respect to food quality and safety throughout the food chain, responsible for the official control on animal health and welfare, animal by- products, feeds, raw materials and food, food contact materials, fruits and vegetables, PPP. BFSA integrates the activities and functions of previously existing administrative structures in the MoAF and the MoH. BFSA has head quarter in Sofia, 28 Regional Directorates – 1698 buildings, 8 veterinary border inspection points, 4 referent centers, 5 referent labs and 8 accredited labs.