Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) – Centro de Biología Molecular
Severo Ochoa (CBMSO)
C/Nicolas Cabrera, 1
Cantoblanco, Madrid 28049
Contract Manager: 
Dr. Yolanda Revilla

Angel L. Carrascosa – Research scientist
Elena G. Sánchez – Research scientist
Patricia León – Research scientist
Ricardo Madrid – Research scientist
Daniel Pérez – Research scientist
Ana Quintas – Research scientist
Marisa Nogal – Technician
Susana Barroso – Technicien
MªJosé Bustos – Technician

Centro de Biologia Moleculas Severo-Ochoa (CBMSO)

The CBMSO is a leading institution in the biomedical pole of this CEI. The CBMSO is still one of the most prestigious Spanish centers in Biomedical Research.
The most essential characteristic of CBMSO´s research is that it covers basic and fundamental aspects on the Biology field, but having an important translational value. Thus, on one side, we study processes underlying important diseases that directly affect life quality of many human beings and had an important economical impact in several countries. On the other side, our research may lead to important practical applications in Biomedicine and Biotechnology.
Some of the diseases being studied in our Centre include, among others, Neurodegenerative diseases, Cancer, Inflammatory diseases, Viral infections, or Cardiovascular and Immune System alterations.
Besides, the CBMSO contributes to the formation (modern and professional) of hundreds of young researchers that have carried and are carrying out their PhD theses in our Centre.