The Coordinator of the project is Prof. Carlos Martins (Partner 1). He  was born in Mozambique in 1948. Of Portuguese citizenship, he is Full Professor of Infectious Diseases at the Faculdade de Medicina Veterinária, Universidade de Lisboa. Besides his teaching activities (started in Mozambique in 1973 and pursued to date at the Faculdade de Medicina Veterinária).  He has dedicated his scientific career, for more than thirty years, to research on ASF. He was the Coordinator of two previously funded EU projects on ASF under the 5th Framework Programme (Project QLK2-CT-2001-02216, ASFCONTROL) and under the 7th Framework Programme (KBBE 2007-1-3-05, Project # 211691, ASFRISK). He participated  previously as Project Manager on three other EU-funded projects (CAMAR, AIR, FAIR) and coordinated six projects on ASF, granted by the Portuguese “Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia”.

Along his career he has established strong links with the international scientific community dealing with different aspects of ASF.


Project Management Team and Executive Board

  1. Prof. Carlos Martins (Coordinator)
  2. Dr. Michael Parkhouse (Contract Manager FCG-IGC)
  3. Prof. José Manuel Sánchez-Vizcaíno (Contract Manager UCM, Leader Theme 2)
  4. Dr. Maria Luisa Arias (Contract Manager CISA-INIA)
  5. Dr. Yolanda Revilla (Contract Manager CSIC, Co-Leader Theme 4)
  6. Dr. Eric Etter (Contract Manager CIRAD, Leader Theme 3)
  7. Dr. Francesco Feliziani (Contract Manager IZS-UM)
  8. Dr. Günther Keil (Contract Manager FLI)
  9. Prof. Dirk Pfeiffer (Contract Manager RVC, Co-Leader Theme 2 and Theme 5)
  10. Dr Linda Dixon (Contract Manager PIR, Leader Theme 4)
  11. Dr. Marie-Frédérique Le Potier (Contract Manager ANSES)
  12. Prof. Denis Kolbasov (Contract Manager VNIIVViM)
  13. Dr. Paloma Rueda (Contract Manager INGENASA)
  14. Dr. Alicia Urniza (Contract Manager Zoetis)
  15. Dr Tsviatko Alexandrov (Contract Manager BFSA)
  16. Prof. Manuel Fresno (Contract Manager Diomune)
  17. Prof. Katharina Stärk (Contract Manager SAFOSO, Leader Theme 5)
  18. Dr. Daniel Beltrán-Alcrudo (Contract Manager FAO)
  19. Dr. Ana de La Torre (Co-Leader Theme 3)