Based on the need to enable good communication among collaborators of the project towards the accomplishment of objectives, regular meetings will be organized, namely:

  1. Full consortium meetings (FCM)

Full consortium meetings will be held every 12 months upon the commencement of the Project to present and discuss the progress of scientific work and general administrative-financial aspects of the project. These meetings are opened to all the collaborators involved in the implementation and development of the work plan. Three FCM are foreseen to be organized by different Partners in the project at around every 12 months upon the commencement of the project.

  1. Project Management Team (PMT meetings)

Contract Managers, Theme Leaders, Theme Co-Leaders and WP Leaders in the consortium, will attend these meetings to review interim results, to facilitate the monitoring of the project development, to reinforce interactions, to stimulate production of scientific publications and to discuss administrative and financial aspects of the project. Three PMT meetings are foreseen:

The first PMT meeting (kick-off PMT meeting) took place in Lisbon at FMV-UTL, on the first month of the commencement of the project. Two Subsequent PMT meetings will take place early every year throughout the project in different partner institutions within the consortium.

  • Executive Board meetings. The members of the executive board (Theme Leaders and Co-leaders), lead by the Coordinator, will meet separately at least twice a year during the PMT and FCM meetings. Members of this board will assist the Coordinator´s decision making regarding exploitation of project results and management of intellectual property, scientific and ethical issues and others that may arise during the course of the project.