The consortium brings together a multidisciplinary scientific team of eighteen partners. Fifteen of them from seven EU member states, one partner from Russian Federation, one from Switzerland and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) as an intergovernmental organization.

The proposed research network comprises partners which also represent national, European Union and OIE reference laboratories for African swine fever (ANSES, BFSA, CISA-INIA, FLI, PIR, IZSUM, VNIIVViM and UCM), and others also with many years of experience and outstanding effective research activities on different aspects of ASF research (CIRAD, CSIC, FCG-IGC, FMV-UTL, RVC). To ascertain that commercially exploitable achievements and developments in vaccine, adjuvants and diagnostic tools (Penside and frontline diagnostic tests), are tailored for marketability, two SMEs (DIOMUNE and INGENASA) and an industrial partner (Zoetis) are integrated into the project.

Another SME partner (SAFOSO) will, due to its expertise in training and experience in practical disease control, coordinate training and knowledge transfer activities aiming at improving preparedness for ASF at different levels by targeting pig farmers, hunters, veterinarians and policy makers.