Threat of ASF to EU reinforces the need for increased awareness and preparedness for the disease at different levels. Under these circumstances, the project will organize, among other activities:

i) workshops for veterinarians to be offered at different locations to facilitate attendance of veterinarians from EU and non EU countries, namely in Russia where the disease has become enzootic, in Bulgaria (focus on South Eastern European countries) and Spain (focus on West European countries), where there is significant pig production and where preparedness for ASF is needed,

2) regional workshops for representatives of governmental agencies of EU Member States and countries recently affected by ASF. These regional workshops will be organized in Germany (covering Central Europe and neighbouring countries), Rome (covering SE Europe and neighbouring countries), and Lisbon where a final ASFORCE Symposium will be organized addressed to international organizations (EC, OIE, FAO, EFSA), CVOs from EU and from candidate and associated countries, international stakeholders and others considered relevant.