The third FCM organized by FMV-ULisboa, was held at the Centro Cultural de Lisboa, on September 22nd and 23rd  ,2015.

Objectives of the meeting

  • Presentation and discussion of the achievements attained in the work plan of the five themes of the project , since the last FCM in Montpellier in October 2014.
  • Final review and discussion of administrative and financial aspects of the project and guidelines for final reports.


Sixty five delegates from eighteen partner institutions, including Contract Managers, Theme Leaders and Co-Leaders, WP Leaders, Task Leaders and other collaborators (graduate, PhD and Post-Doc students) attended the meeting


The meeting was organized in consecutive sessions (see the program below), attended by all the delegates, allowing their participation on the discussions held around the achievements of the work developed within the five themes of the project.

Working sessions were chaired by the Coordinator and co-chaired by the Theme Leaders.

During the meeting, delegates presented brief and comprehensive overviews on the work developed under the different Work-Packages, since the FCM in October 2014 in Montpellier, giving particular emphasis to the accomplishment of deliverables and milestones by month 36 (the end of the Project). 

A total of thirty six presentations were introduced during the different sessions, covering work developed under the different tasks of each work package.

At the end of each session summaries of conclusions were introduced by the Theme Leaders and discussed with all the participants.

Overall, fruitful discussions took place around the progress of the work towards the accomplishment of the goals within the project. The reported results indicated an adequate progress of the project in agreement with the work plans.

The meeting evolved under a very fruitful scientific and friendly atmosphere. Participants had the opportunity to socialize in different moments during the meeting and during a tour guided by the Coordinator to the Monastery of Jerónimos .