The second PMT meeting was organized by Prof. José Manuel Sánchez Vizcaino, at  UCM, Faculdad de Medicina Veterinária in Madrid, on April 11th-12th, 2013.  The meeting was opened to Contract Managers and to Work-package leaders, task leaders and to a few other collaborators in the project.  Forty four delegates from 17 (out of 18) Partners attended the meeting.

During the opening session the Coordinator (Prof. Carlos Martins) addressed an overall review on the major goals and guidelines for the meeting.

Objectives of the meeting:

  • To gather participants of the project to review interim results towards monitoring of the project progress;  the accomplishment of deliverables and milestones to be ready by month 12; the work to be developed up to the end of the project taking in consideration potential reinforcement of collaborations among partners and  to stimulate production of scientific publications.
  • To review and update administrative and financial aspects on the project’s progress (particularly addressed to Contract Managers).


The meeting was organized on two parallel sessions chaired by the Theme Leaders and Co-Leaders (common session for Themes 2 and 3, independent session for Theme 4), to review interim results, to identify delays or deviations and strategies to overcome them, to reinforce collaborative agreements for the work development of different Tasks within each Theme.

During parallel sessions, organized as round table discussions, Theme Leaders confirmed the main strategies for the development of different tasks and provided the opportunity for oral presentations of WP leaders and/or task leaders to introduce a comprehensive overview (oral presentations) of the work developed since the Kickoff Meeting.


Ongoing work under Theme 1 and Theme 5 were presented and discussed during plenary sessions.

Fruitful discussions took place. Collaborations needed for the completion of work was strengthened. During a final joint session of the meeting, each Theme Leader presented a brief summary of conclusions taken during the different work sessions (work accomplished as well as on the work to be pursued within each Theme).

The Executive Board met separately during the PMT meeting to analyze general strategies for the work development that were further presented and discussed during the PMT meeting.

A social dinner was organized on a traditional restaurant allowing a friendly and relaxing atmosphere among participants.