The Coordinator Institution of the project is Partner # 1,  the recently created Universidade de Lisboa (ULisboa), upon the fusion of the Technical University of Lisbon (UTL) with the University of Lisbon (UL)


The Coordinator, is responsible for the general coordination and management of the scientific, administrative and financial aspects  of the project in close collaboration with the Project Management Team,the Executive Board and with the Project Manager.

Project Management Team

The Project Management Team (PMT) lead by the Coordinator, involves the Contract Managers, aiming at the reinforcement of the scientific, financial and administrative management aspects of the project.

Contract Managers - The research scientists who act as the contact point between the partner institution and the Coordinator, for scientific, financial and administrative management aspects of the project. Contract managers are the partner’s representatives responsible for reinforcing and consolidating the implementation and development of the scientific work plan assigned to the Partner institution in the Project.

Executive Board

The Executive Board is composed by the Theme Leader and Theme Co-Leaderswho assist the Coordinator´s decision making regarding exploitation of project results and management of intellectual property, dissemination and/or exploitation of project results, scientific and ethical issues as well as other particular issues that may arise during the course ,of the project.

Theme Leaders are also responsible for collecting scientific information for reporting from all work-package leaders, to be directed to the Coordinator as necessary. They provide guidance towards establishment of realistic and profitable scientific interactions among all the participants and monitor the progression of the project by interacting for all needed purposes with Work Package leader and through them with Task Leader both responsible for the work-plan implementation and progression.

Work Package (WP) Leaders: The scientists responsible for each WP are in charge to assess and guide the progress of work development and to collect the necessary information for reporting as needed to be directed to the Coordinator through the Theme Leaders. They will lead the work to be implemented and developed within the WP and they will establish interactions with all the Task Leaders to best achieve the objectives of the research.

Task Leaders: The scientists in direct charge of the work progress under the different work-packages according to deliverables and milestones objectives. They provide the necessary information to WP leaders with whom they keep close contact towards the completion of the programme established in the work plan.

Project Manager

The Project Manager is responsible for the daily interactions and communication between the Coordinator and, the PMT members, administrative and financial services of different partner institutions and the European Commission (EC). The Project Manager contributes to the administrative support of partners, the management of the data from the Consortium as needed to the generation of detailed reports for the EC and also to the organisation of meetings.